Social Media Marketing

We believe that a social media presence is crucial for modern businesses, but high volume, churning out of posts or tweets isn’t (usually) necessary. Our web packages generally include the necessary steps and registrations to the recommended platforms (some of which might not be obvious), and we will work with you to build an ongoing strategy and schedule that will be most beneficial to your particular industry.

From the perspective of SEO, having an active social media presence really means not stagnating or allowing it to become dormant. Search engines use the activity to check your business is still going. We work with clients to ensure that the right strategy is employed and often use social media in conjunction with a great content marketing strategy.

SEO benefits aside, using social media as a tool to engage with customers is fantastic, but can also be a big commitment. Staff training may be necessary to achieve a consistent voice and tone, manage customer expectations and even provide customer service.

PPC Management

Another powerful use of social media is paid advertising or pay per click (PPC). Managing a PPC campaign correctly is an artform that comes with experience, and return on investment is crucial.

Again, PPC might not be suitable for every business and we look at things on a case by case basis, but it’s also a common misconception that PPC is for larger businesses and budgets – in fact, we sometimes recommend a small PPC campaign before an SEO campaign to test ROI expectations, keywords and the market in general.

This is usually for inbound PPC (like Google Adwords) rather than a pay per view platform like Facebook advertising. With Adwords, you have active customers searching for products or services.

Leave your competitors scratching their heads.

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