Pay per click can have an instant impact and can generate very quick results for your business
- if done correctly.

Some of the content and management services we offer
  • Paid search advertising
  • Social media audience research
  • Video Advertising
  • Remarketing

A poorly managed or inexperienced approach to paid advertising can be a huge money pit, with little to no return. That’s why having an effectively managed PPC campaign is incredibly important.

Often times, we begin an SEO campaign with test PPC advertisements. This can prove useful for determining valuable keywords and testing theories. Why invest months into getting traffic to your website if your website doesn’t convert them into customers? A small paid traffic campaign can find out your conversion rates.

As we have previously mentioned, PPC can actually be a more suitable first approach to a business rather than beginning with more general or local SEO, assuming your site covers the basics of SEO already.

An example that best illustrates this is an eCommerce site. Why not test your products against people searching specifically for something, pay to have them click on your site, rather than commit to a larger investment and perhaps months of work to get to page 1 of the search engines organically?

Paid Social Media Marketing vs Paid Search

Advertising on Google Adwords (paying to appear at the top when someone searches for something) and advertising on Facebook (appearing in a users feed) could not be more different. The reason for this is because one is inbound marketing and the other is outbound marketing. If you had a call center, and you had the luxury of choosing between having people call you about your product, or (almost) randomly calling people to explain to them about it, which would you prefer?

It’s of course much easier if people are already looking for a product or service rather than selling to them cold. With marketing in general, layering your approach is very important, but everyone has a budget, so putting that budget to good use often means initially focusing on inbound potential customers – that basically means SEO and Adwords.

There is a place for both advertising methods when used properly – Specifically with a professional strategy that tests, optimises and refines to maximise ROI


An area often overlooked, remarketing has the potential to add some of the easiest ROI for any marketing activity you can do for your business. Low hanging fruit is a pretty terrible and overused business term (of which you will only find once and once only on this website!), but that’s exactly what remarketing can be if it’s not already being utilised.

In simple terms, we use tracking technologies to gather data about visitors to your website. Those exact same visitors you have worked tirelessly to get onto your website in the first place, who, for whatever reason chose not to take you up on whatever you were offering. With remarketing, you can target those very customers with bespoke advertisements, and only them, in the knowledge that they have already visited your website and are FAR more likely to be interested in your service than advertising to the general public. Marketing to such a relatively small target audience also has the benefit of being incredibly cost effective, and importantly – highly measurable.

Where this can become truly powerful is in the next stage – Lookalike Audiences. After profiling your customers, we can build similar audiences based on demographic, location, interests and many more factors in order to laser focus your marketing efforts on customers much, much more likely to buy your products or services.

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