Local SEO

43% of all Google searches are locally driven.

For many companies and their websites, focusing on local optimisation is extremely important. This can be due to their target audience being local to them, or simply due to lower competitiveness when targeting a local audience.

There are many techniques that we employ in order to improve local search rankings which may differ from a national or global approach. Several factors such as how accurate and consistent your business name, address and phone number appear across the span of the internet, as well as of course having positive reviews and feedback, all increase the likelihood of your company topping the rankings (and importantly appearing on the map) when a prospective customer types in your industry keywords along with a town, city or county.

We tend to focus our efforts on Milton Keynes, and we’ve helped many other businesses do a similar thing. Engaging with a local audience can often be a much more manageable (and sociable) thing, than casting your net too broadly. Keyword (what a user types in) competition is an incredibly important consideration when planning an SEO campaign and local modifiers to these keywords can offer many opportunities that might have been out of reach due to time or budget without them.

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