Bespoke Software Development

Problem solving. We Love it.

At the heart of a good software engineer is an innate desire to solve problems in an elegant and efficient way. So many organisations could benefit from systemisation of their processes, with custom built software to enable their staff to be more effective in what they do.

We have experience building software applications from scratch, which are focused on helping businesses avoid costly mistakes, generate more revenue, reduce expenses and provide a generally slicker experience for their customers.

Specialising in secure, built for purpose web based systems – EncodeMK delivers affordable solutions with the power of enterprise grade applications. We’ve built SaaS platforms, order management software, CMS systems, Mobile Applications, retail systems, back office tools, workforce management software and more for businesses who recognised the value in taking control of their business processes.

We’ve helped companies help more of their customers faster and more efficiently without the need for specialist IT knowledge or intensive training.